Over 600 participants so far! Thank you very much.

Please see the leaflet of this NPO


This NPO was launched under the wish of “I want to make children happy!” What is needed in the future? ー Real experience, sensibility to feel real, communication skills ー We will aim for an experience that can not be done at school or at home!



Even if you live in the same area, you can interact with people of the same age and different ages at schools, cram schools, and sports clubs, but there are many more people of the same age and different ages around. We want to create opportunities to meet these people and expand the options for meeting them.


 "Free study session-participation is free. Independent study session format. 20 minutes "
 "(First half)⓵Recreation+⓶ENGLISH FUN FUN FUN!+"
 "(Latter half)⓸Guest Teacher Course"

We interact with each other in English and invite guest teachers to experience the real thing.

・ Talk from a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer ・ Chinese from China teach Chinese / cooking

・ Learn first aid from a Japanese Red Cross Emergency Law instructor

・ Learn about food from JA Shinshu Ueda

・ About Italy ・Tea ceremony ・Tag rugby ・International understanding ・Disaster prevention

・Nagano University ・Traffic safety class (Honda)

・ 82 Banks


In addition to elementary and junior high school students, high school students and university students also participate as volunteers, and parents and ordinary people who have not interacted with each other interact with each other, and exchanges of the same age and different ages in the area I hope it helps.


2020 series started

What is the 24th WING SCHOOL NAGANO × Nomura Securities

What is it? Ways to increase money? What the heck? We will explain it happily in a fun game format. This time, challenge the basics of exchange, exchange! [Date] May 24, 1960 (Sun) 10: 00-12: 00 [Place] Ueda City Seibu Public Hall [Schedule] 9:30 - 20 minutes time study session ... Free to join 10:00 - Recreation 10:20 - English conversation and morals 11:00 - What is investment(Basic) (^^) Scheduled to end at 12:00 [Target] Elementary school students over 3 years, junior high school students, parents, adults      Together with family, alone [Entry fee] Free [What to bring] Writing utensils

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Now the fourth camp. Enjoy English conversation in the afternoon and recreation in the evening! In addition, let's watch the holding ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on TV together (^^) On the second day, the course is different. Choose yourself on the course and enjoy. Organizer: Non profit organization Yume Children's Tsubasa Date: July 24 (Fri)-25 (Sat), Reiwa 2 Cost: 10,000 yen (planned) Participation target: Elementary school third grade or more Date: (planned) (Day 1) 13:00 Depart from Ueda Station 14:00 Arrival in Tsumagoi 14: 30-16: 00 English conversation 16: 00-17: 00 Recreation 17: 00-18: 30 Dinner 18: 30-20: 00 Recreation at night 20:00 Watch the Olympics opening ceremony on TV 22:30 sleeping (Day 2) 7:00 Get up 7: 30-8: 30 Breakfast 9:00 Activity start 11: 30-12: 30 Lunch 13: 00- Depart from Tsumagoi 14:30 Arrive at Ueda Station Pre-order 12 people (1000 yen discount) ... End of pre-order

主催:特定非営利活動法人 夢こどもの翼



Finally overseas! Summer 2020. Cebu is one of the best English conversation schools in the world. Why don't you become immersed in English and improve your English at a stretch? Homestays allow international exchange, but their English skills are not as good as they think. One of the characteristics of English conversation schools on Cebu Island is that one-on-one instruction is provided for half a day. You will be taught with the content that suits your level.   Also, not only studying English but also enjoying marine sports and going to orphanages It is an experience that you cannot feel in Japan.


Organizer: NPO Yume Children's Wing / Cebu Island Study Abroad Center Support: Nagawa Town Board of Education, Sakaki Town Board of Education Sponsor: Ueda City Board of Education Tomi City, Chikuma City, Komoro City, Aoki Village Board of Education (Applying) Date and time: Sunday, July 26,2020 - Sunday, August 2 Location: Cebu, Philippines

English conversation school:

Philiner Education Center


Amaris Bed & Breakfast


From Ueda on Sunday, July 26 @ Narita Airport-Cebu Airport

Monday, July 27

English level check, orientation, walk

One-day English class on Tuesday, July 28

One-day English class on Wednesday, July 29

Thursday, July 30 English (1-2 frames) + Island Hopping

One-day English class on Friday, July 31

August 1 (Sat) Visit to Orphanage and Sightseeing (Shopping)

August 2nd (Sun) Cebu Airport-Narita Airport 着 Arrive at Ueda

Participants: Elementary school students over 6th grade, junior high school/high school,parents and adults

Number of applicants: 12 (11 currently decided!) 1 remaining

Entry fee: 285,000 yen (under 15 years old) 255,000 yen (15 years old or older) ✳︎Accommodation (4 people per room), tuition, transportation, food (All meals during your stay are in English school) In addition to the above amount, passport, overseas travel insurance, pocket money Please make your own meals (1st and 8th days) on the day you move. Two or more adults will accompany you. Application deadline is Thursday, April 30, 2020 (planned) The payment deadline is middle MayApril (planned)


Q & A Q: Non-profit organization @What kind of organization is the wing of a dream child? A: I want children (upper and lower areas and their surroundings) to have more various experiences,   Faculty members mainly engage in regional exchange, inter-age exchange, and intercultural exchange I'm an NPO. This time, we will plan and implement while studying at Cebu Island Study Abroad Center. Q: What kind of school is English conversation school Philiner? A: This is the second oldest English conversation school in Cebu that has been changing rapidly. Experienced teachers can handle various student levels.   In addition, there are several Japanese staff members, so they can respond smoothly. Q: Is English class all day long? A: Yes. Experienced teachers will teach you without getting tired of the students. One-day classes are one-on-one in the morning and pair and group classes in the afternoon. Because it is an environment where you have to listen and speak English, your English skills are expected to improve. Q: At what level do classes take place? A: We will check your English level before class. So, choose the appropriate level. Q: What is the meal? A: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are English conversation schools and buffet style meals.   However, meals on the day of travel will be your own. On the second floor of the hotel there is also a Japanese restaurant (extra charge)   There is. Q: What is the dormitory? A: It is a hotel near English conversation school. This time, we have one room for four people.   The reception is open during the day and security guards are stationed at night. No entry is allowed except for guests.   In addition, it is approximately a 5-minute walk between the English conversation school and the dormitory. However, the safety aspects   Thinking, there is a transfer by car. Q: Why are adults cheaper than children? A: Children under the age of 15 need a visa to enter the Philippines.   (If you are with a parent, you do not need a visa) You will need 30,000 yen to get the visa.   When traveling with parents and their child, the child's visa fee of 30,000 yen is not required. Q: During my stay, can I do school assignments (summer vacation book)? A: I would like to secure 1-2 hours of study every day. Q: Why are you more than 6 students? A: You will be living 7 days and 8 days overseas. I think that it is about 6th grade (R2 summer) that can overcome this life, Set up. If you wish to participate in less than 5th grades, please contact us. Q: When parents participate, do I have to study English? A: Parents are free to study English or spend time free.

Please choose one.

"Click here for applications and inquiries."

2. For teachers

(1) Monthly circle (learning meeting) For better classes, we exchange information, mock classes, and consult worries.

(2) English Conversation Lesson Study Session I will study lesson skills corresponding to elementary school English lessons.

(3) Seminar holding: We will hold seminars to improve teachers by inviting famous teachers from all over the country.

3. For parents and the public

(1) Adult version ENGLISH FUN FUN FUN! ・ ・ ・ I think about local elementary school English education.

(2) A meeting to create a new school

4. Get-chan's Happy Voluntary Study Session (Free Study Session)

"I can't concentrate and study at home." "I don't understand the problem." In such a case, student volunteers will tell you briefly. Participation is free. Everyone is OK. The 15th Happy Independent Study Group Date and time: Sunday, March 23, 2020, 10: 00-12: 00 (cancelled) Sunday, April 26, 2020, 10:00 to 12:00 Sunday, May 24, 2020, 10:00 to 12:00 Place: Western Community Center 1st Study Room Contents: Voluntary study What to bring: Contents for self-study, drinks, etc. * No prior application required. O.K . Even two hours from the beginning. Please participate casually


Volunteer recruitment!
 When continuing this activity, the presence of volunteers is essential. We have only had a few children's events yet, but thanks to the help of volunteer students, we were able to succeed. If you are interested in teaching profession or activities in the future, please volunteer and gain experience with children. If necessary, a volunteer certificate will be issued under this NPO name. Let's have fun together. (If you wish, please refer to "Contact" above)
 【School names of students who have participated as volunteers so far】 
Ueda Municipal Third Junior High School, Ueda High School, Ueda Someyaoka High School, Nozawakita High School, Nagano University, Kanda University of Foreign Studies 


It is introduced in various places

AMU 29年度活動実績



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